"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Update on Scots Mother who fled to Ireland.

Update on Scots Mother who fled to Ireland.
5th February 2010
Press release: Immediate.

A mother who fled to Ireland with her daughter to escape persecution from Scottish social services spoke to me on the phone. Sobbing hysterically she said “they are still persistently playing politics and hounding me claiming I was an unfit mother”

She went on, “It was a set up by people I trusted and they knew how to manipulate the social service system to make it look like I was an unfit mother” “I have repeatedly asked for an investigation but have been refused as it would bring out the truth and too many people would fall”. “So it is hushed up”. .

In between heartbreaking sobs she said “I have fallen and broken my legs and with the two of them in plaster I cannot get around much and I am stuck in one spot” “To make matters worse the Scottish social services are wrapping everything up in red tape and getting my case continued every time in an effort to wear me down to get me to come back to Scotland where I will be arrested for abducting my own daughter” “I have been labelled mad but never been examined by a doctor” I have never been to court and still have parental rights over my children, so how can I be charged for abducting my own daughter?” “The social services have also told my son in Scotland if he talks to any of my relatives he will be sent away”

“The Irish judge who heard the case and the Irish social services who have been dealing with me have found no fault with me I have passed every test.” “They have promised me when I get the plasters off and can walk again they will help me get a house and I will get my daughter back”

A social services spokesperson listened to this story and promised to investigate but when emailed months after about any outcome there was no reply. If the social services are honest and in the right why don’t they get this out in the open once and for all and end this persecution of two children and their mother in different countries. Surely it must be better for the children to get to the truth and let them lead a normal life or do they need to be seen to win and not beaten rather than ‘the best interests of the children’ saying which they so often use to exert their godlike power.


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