"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grandad would have been better for the boy.

The problems of being raised in care?

Harry lost his son through drugs leaving three children. Two of the boys were taken by members of the family but the remaining 10 year old was taken into care. Harry tried to take the boy into his home to bring him up but social services said he was too old. Now Harry is a devout catholic, has a spotless house was a cook in the merchant navy and still supplies old people in his block with fresh soup and cooked meals.

The grandson was moved about to several places and Harry did have contact until he noticed the boy was filthy and in tatters. Harry complained about the state he was in and that was the last he saw of him. The social worker told him his grandson did not want to see him again and the grandson was told his granda did not want to see him. Our group supported Harry and helped him get back letter contact and photos but this only happened once or twice. Mysteriously things were always going astray.

Years later Harry met his grandson when he was sixteen and the boy kept coming up to see his granddad. An interview* was conducted with the boy and he never had the chance to do any exams at school or obtain any kind of qualifications. He hung about with a gang drinking and getting into all sorts of trouble. One of our other members who had been supporting Harry wrote a letter for the boy to join the merchant navy and Harry tried to get him away from the gang but because he had been with them a long time the easy life lured him back.

If the boy had been left with his granddad who is just as capable now as he was then but was said to be too old he would have had a religious upbringing, kept in a clean home environment and would have been encouraged to do well at school and learn the skills his granddad has known

Instead he has become a non achiever, uncooperative, gang member flunking every chance of a job that is given him and very rebellious of society.

Can you blame him?

This is a true story. Names have been changed.

* Questionnaire conducted is available in our book ‘Grandparents speak out for Vulnerable Children’ from us Price £4.00 inc P&P.

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