"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glasgow Councillors to Vote on Adopting The Charter for Grandchildren

On 18th February 2010 Glasgow Councillor Ruth Black backed by Councillors Iris Gibson, Alistair Watson, and last year Mathew Kerr all of Craigton Ward 4 will shortly raise a motion in the City Chambers for ‘The Charter for Grandchildren’ to be mandatory for professionals working in the welfare of children. Children have been losing out on the benefits their grandparents can provide because they are deemed irrelevant persons by professionals regarding their grandchildren. Ruth and her fellow councillors have recognised the huge benefit grandparents can be for early detection of child abuse and for caring which brings enormous savings to the public purse.

The Charter was created in 2005 by the Scottish Government but was for advisory only. Lately it was passed on to local authorities. Being advisory the professionals are reluctant to change their policies for it even although it is for the best interests of the children.

Where can Grandparents help?

Gordon Brown said there are 50,000 Dysfunctional families in Britain today.. With an average of 2 children in a family this gives us 100,000 children living in dysfunctional homes.

The increase in the drug and alcohol culture is overwhelming the funding available and officially considering the help of the army of willing grandparents must be in the best interests of the public purse and in a child’s best interest. Grandparents could be in a better position than any other organisation for care and early detection of child neglect and abuse and grandparents are usually willing to accommodate children in a crisis situation. So they should be the first point of contact.

Because of their unique insight into their family's shortcomings grandparents can provide a stable home environment not normally available in the care system. Social services do not recognise grandparents as relevant persons in their grandchildren's lives and if they raise a problem with the actions of social services they are often cast aside and told "we don't need to talk to you” This haughty attitude taken by social workers is never in a child's best interest if the children are in danger.

Why children need the respect from their grandparents..

Have you ever thought why society is getting more violent and muggings are on the increase. Why you are afraid to open your door or go out at night.. Why you are afraid to phone the police for fear of reprisals. Children are not being taught the respect, love and stability they need to grow up into decent citizens. It is well known that many children brought up in the care system are non achievers in life* and turn to gangs for that family belonging and have little respect for society or themselves.

Children given respect by society when they are young, will respect society when they are adults.

The Charter for Grandchildren does not give grandparents any rights of contact with their grandchildren but if it is mandatory it gives the children the right to expect professionals to comply with it or give reasons to the contrary. It does contain guidance for their grandparents to be recognised more seriously in their lives.

We believe, if all is well, there should be equal parenting with grandparents and extended family as a back up for the welfare of children.. Grandparents simply want to be considered more if the children are alone or have been abused or taken into care rather than go to strangers.

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