"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grandparents Can Make Life Safer For Children

Children are being abused more often in families because of alcohol and drugs with no one allowed to intervene until It is life threatening. Could this abuse be detected sooner? We believe grandparents could be the people to do this if the Charter for Grandchildren gave children the right for grandparents to be relevant in their lives because of their unique relationship with them..

Grandparents are not a threat to anyone in asking for The Charter for Grandchildren to be made mandatory for professionals. They are not asking for personal rights like parental rights and we don’t want them to be. Grandparents support equal parenting and nothing delights us more than a happy family and for parents to have full access to their children. Equal Parenting would greatly reduce the use of children as weapons for revenge.

The Charter for Grandchildren is basically to make sure professionals dealing in the welfare of children acknowledge the role grandparents can play in their grandchildren’s lives for their best interest especially if both parents are not in the picture. This is required because of social services and professionals cutting costs and skipping out on the real welfare of our children. It is an outside line to someone they trust if they are in care.

The Charter for Grandchildren created by the Scottish Government is advisory only but it has made some difference in grandparents being recognised more in children’s lives. But it needs the power behind it, for being advisory do you think social services would interrupt their programme of cost cutting for something advisory???

The government refuse to give the power to grandparents saying “with rights come responsibilities”. Fair enough. So is it absolutely essential for grandparents to have the rights to their grandchildren which anyway sound like ‘We want to wield the big stick’ when it will cause such resentment from men and woman’s groups… Through the Charter for Grandchildren being mandatory for professionals, grandparents will have everything they need to be in their grandchildren’s lives without parents resenting them. Children need both parents and grandparents should be a caring supportive backup to them. We must not be divided in this; our children need us all on the same side. We have so much in common that it is madness not to work together to this end.

To parents.

If you are separated at the moment, your children are vulnerable to isolation, self blame, low self esteem and lack of stability in their lives. Separation or divorce changes you and your children’s lives whether you like it or not… But do the children need to suffer altogether, would it not be reassuring for them to feel they are not completely isolated.. Would you not be happier to know someone who loves them is at least trying to keep an eye on their comfort, at least until your own problems have been sorted out?

Our aim is to have ‘The Charter for Grandchildren’ made legal in the best interests of yours/our children.

Write to your local councillor and ask them to be in support of this and you will be helping protect the children that are most at risk. It could be your own!


Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland
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Glasgow G52 1PJ
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