"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Woman's Open Letter to Women Who Lie

This Christmas, all across America, are untold thousands of children who will be spending the holiday in misery. Why? Because their fathers aren't allowed to see them due to incarceration or parole/probation or therapy that forbids contact. These are men (almost exclusively) that are victims of lies and a court system that is anything but just and fair.

We're not talking about true sex offenders (SO's) or true perpetrators of domestic violence (DV). To be fair, women are actually more apt to be the perps in DV cases, but male-hating feminists have convinced lawmakers and the courts that women and children are incapable of lying in DV and SO prosecutions. The problem is that they DO lie. They DO ruin lives. What's is so scary is that they can do so so very easily. The system is now set up so that if a phone call is made accusing a man of SO or DV, they are history. A defendant will spend every dime on an attorney who 'specializes' in these kinds of cases; they are led on until a trial time is nearing, then suddenly the attorney wants more money or, if he refuses to take a plea, more charges will be added. Ninety-six percent of cases never go to trial. Why would someone cop a plea if they're innocent? When you're looking at life in prison on a first offense, your attorney says your judge is biased, you don't want to drag your children through court (if they are involved), a jury doesn't want to look soft on child molesters, you aren't allowed to produce evidence of your innocence, and your funds have dried up, you're gonna cop a plea - guaranteed.

Why would anyone lie like this? How could they blithely lie through their teeth and get away with it? How do they live with themselves? (1) Jealousy, vindictiveness, spite - 'hell hath no fury...' right? An acrimonious divorce where the woman wants the kids to have no contact with their father, and any number of other reasons...it's just too easy. (2) There is a large part of a generation lacking any empathy, compassion, love, forgiveness, or heart. They live their lives in hatred and fear and are, unfortunately, passing those traits onto their own children. (3) Very comfortably, apparently. Could you look yourself in the mirror, knowing what you've done? Not only to an innocent person, but his family - EVERYONE who loves him is affected, especially the children who face a lifetime of vigilantism, scorn, ridicule, embarrassment, hopelessness, loss of self-esteem, loss of a beloved parent and on and on and on.

Estimates range from 2% to over 75% of how many men have been falsely accused and wrongly convicted of domestic violence or a sex offense. The 2% number is what you'll find on a victims' rights or VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) site. Feminists would have you believe women and children are incapable of lying and they have convinced lawmakers this is so. The figures 50-75% are closer to the truth. There are no numbers and in some states, such as ours, a person convicted (usually by a coerced plea) is forbidden to proclaim innocence to anyone or face more time.

The public seems to have no idea any of this is going on - especially regarding sex offenders. Only 5% of those forced to register can be considered dangerous to children. They think everyone on there is a predator (a name wisely chosen by those who support these laws) and baby raper. This simply isn't true. Most are registered because of laws that have broadened so far as to include victimless crimes and sex between adults (prostitution). Chances are if you have offenders in your neighborhood, they didn't molest any children.

A word to defense attorneys: Shame on you for masquerading as someone a scared, naive young man can trust. You lead them on, take their hard-earned money and that from their desperate families, all the while reassuring them you know what you're doing, then, at the last minute, you coerce them into taking pleas. They learned in school that our court system is supposedly honest and fair and you know damn good and well it's not. How do you think they feel as they watch you laughing and joking with their prosecutor in court? Pleas are win/win for both of you. Quite a scam you all have going. Thousands of dollars for doing absolutely nothing. Do your mothers know what you do? I'll bet not, as it would make them as sick as it makes me.

Merry Christmas.

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