"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update on the Scots Mother who fled to Ireland.

Update on the Scots Mother who fled to Ireland.

Has been charged with kidnapping her own child under The Hague Convention and she will appear in an Irish Court shortly. How can a mother be charged with kidnapping her own child when there never has been a court order against her in the first place and she still carries Parental Rights and Responsibilities (P.R.Rs).

This Wednesday 25th November at 10am give an encouraging thought of “You can do it” to this poor mum who needs every assistance she can get to fight for her daughter against the biggest injustice a person can ever go through.

The Irish SS have cleared her as a fit mother and an Irish Judge said the child should be returned to her as she has done no wrong under Irish law

At a meeting today the Social services hierarchy in Glasgow said they will look into this case.

A cry from the heart.

“Because I have been in care myself nearly all my life that makes it easy for the SS to label me an unfit mother. So much for the faith they have in their own system. I have done no wrong and have been a victim of conspiracy and the SS are afraid to let my story be told as I have evidence that can prove my case and the laws that have been broken against me.

In Ireland I have passed every assessment and a judge said I should have my daughter back but the SS in Ireland objected until I get a house of my own. Other families are living in a hostel so why don’t they have their children removed. It is very hard to get a house when you’re living on bare essentials”.


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