"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Update on the Scots mother who fled to the Irish Republic.

Update on the Scots Mother who fled to the Republic of Ireland for justice.

As she tells us her story she weeps is there justice anywhere when one deals with social services no matter what country you are living in.

A judge in Ireland has said the mother was to get her daughter back on the 4th November but the social services does not want her returned until she has a home for her which the mother is searching night and day for.

Surely the social services in Scotland and Ireland have interfered enough in this mother and daughter’s life and needs to butt out. A judge has seen fit to reunite them so let it be so, or is there collusion with the Scottish social services to harass them to breaking point. Get out of their lives and let them be together.

The Scottish social services have told her son in Scotland that her mother is in jail in Ireland and if he contacts his mothers relatives at all he will be taken into care

At present the mother is living in an Irish homeless hostel run by nuns with other families living there as well so why can’t the mother and daughter be reunited there like those other families? Is there something wrong with this catholic run home that social services in Ireland are not revealing are they saying it is not fit for children to live in.

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