"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Monday, August 17, 2009

If we cannot find a personalty disorder. We will make them up.


A doctor who was commissioned by the family courts to do research on personality disorders has revealed there are many more than first thought. Dr Pindick was paid £ 1000567987 by a family judge to assess thousands of parents whos children had been removed by social services.

He discovered that the new personality disorders includeloath and despise syndrome ..... a parents hatred of social workersyour all corrupt lying bastards syndrome..... a parents hatred of family courts.stick your order up your arse syndrome....... parents refusing to be gagged.He also discovered a new strain of tourettes after observing many parents using launguage such as " fuck ss, fuck cafcass , all lying bastards, twats, wankers "He proclaimed these to be wildy abnormal and sectioned all parents to a mental institution on remote island in the hebrides.Our reporter visited the hospital and witnessed thousands of parents wearing a straightgag which is a new defice fitted around the mouth to prevent them saying obscenities.

Real Cause Of Swine Flu discoveredscientists have made a breathtaking discovery and found that swine flu was actually spread by social workers.The amazing disovering was found after thousands of parents and children complained that they were pig sick of social services.Scientists found a link that social workers were spreading the virus orally by spraying verbal diarrorha.Dr psychbabble said " This is a groundbreaking discovery that may save the bacon of thousands of children and families." He called for the immediate vaccination of every social worker in the land which would have to be injected in their eyeballs.Those that refuse to have vaccine face having compulsory tongue amputations and mouths stitched up to prevent it passing to nspcc workers, barnados,cafcass,and judges although early signs show it may already be to late.A spokesman for the national swine flu helpline revealed they have already been innundated with calls from cafcass officers that think they have caught it from telling " porkies ".We tried to get several people to comment but they all said they were prevented from doing so after being gagged under family law.

This is yet another blow to social services.!Baroness Dulleth Mingin spokesperson for the Dcsf said " atchoo oink sniff "

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  1. this must be passed on to stop them fleeing the vaccination process, it,s the only way to save humanity . karen