"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Women want equal rights? then learn to give it.



As a believer in equal rights, and a campaigner for people, but at the same time not being a religious person, as I prefer to respect all people and their religions, I would like to know where in any religion does it state that women are born to do the bidding of men and to do as men say.
So for all the women of the world, if you want to be equal, then you must take full responsibility for all of your actions, and not only for the work place, one of those equal rights is firstly towards the responsibility of bringing children into a world who for millions of children have no voice are battered murdered sold fostered out, sent to war at the age of five, sold into prostitution used by paedophiles adopted burnt as witches, used as slave labour, beggars’, it is endless the suffering of children because of women and their irresponsibility, most of the time producing kids for love and marriage.

But being a divorced mum, many kids are used against fathers and can be bought up with lies and deceit, kids made to call a stepdad father, I don’t think I need to go on any more of the sufferings that a woman who wants equal rights, is not giving any rights to their kids, dads or grandparents or the whole family. Is the hate so terrible for your ex partner, that kids are made to suffer in your personnel war, if women want equal rights, then give the children equal rights, and the rights to see their dads and grandparents. Or don’t bring children into the world and use them as a weapon when things go wrong.

Women do have a great power, and many are not aware of it, ask your self’s, can men produce babies, NO, so here lies your power over men, boyfriends, husbands families, and many women have used sex and babies for their own gains against men since dot, and that is a fact, so I will say again to women in the world, if you want equal rights and respect for your self’s, then you must first learn to give equal rights to men, kids and Grandparents instead of instigating family wars , and stop mass production of babies until you learn to get it right and can give the kids security love and a home.

Women are the givers of life, yet they can and do in many cases also destroy that life

.I have written this letter in the hope that women will become more responsible if they want equal rights and because most of the population is not interested or aware in what is happening to the children of the world, and that women must get educated and take responsibility, if you want sex, take precautions, and don’t use a man to produce babies thinking you have bagged your man with a pregnancy, and when all goes wrong, learn to talk to the ex fathers, grandparents, and most of all give your kids a choice and a voice.

Maggie Tuttle.

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