"Bringing Families Together"

"Bringing Families Together"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Centre for Research on Families and Relationships. Reply to Briefing 42

Dear Fiona Morrison, (crfr)

I am Jimmy Deuchars from Grandparents Apart UK. Out motto is “Bringing Families Together”.. In our dealings with grandchildren I have found that both father and mother can be as bad as each other. Now remember; as a grandparent my only concern is the welfare of the child/ren. I am against domestic violence of any kind but In my experience, it is not always the man that causes the violence like your brifing suggests but he always is the one arrested and blamed for it.

When a mother contacts woman’s aid, she very quickly learns the tricks of how to get things going her way especially if she is a vengeful type. Then it is mostly the mother knowingly or not that is guilty of implanting fear into her own children by telling them it was their fathers fault and he only wants to see them to kidnap them away from their mum. They use that to alienate the dad then blackmail follows. If all that doesn’t work a strop is thrown usually in court creating animosity and false allegations of sexual abuse is used to clinch the case.

My granddaughters witnessed their father Tom and his partner in domestic abuse when she punched him and goaded him into defending himself and screaming that he was attacking her. After being thrown to the floor he got up and left as he is not a man to use violence in any way against a woman.. When he came back they were all in bed so he slept in the spare room .The police was phoned for at 2am and her 14 year old son told them he and his mother was assaulted by Tom. So Tom was dragged very roughly out of bed and taken to the police station. It was the next day when the girls told what actually happened and the police got to the bottom of it. Tom was released without charge but badly shaken. No charges were brought against the boy or his mother for false accusation or wasting police time.
Tom is now living away from that woman and her son.

The part of knife in this statement from a boy of ten looks as it was put in for better effect because the knife would have been taken as evidence by police not left lying around.

One time my dad had a knife out. I came down whenhe was taken to prison for the night. I came downand there was a dent in the floor where he flung thecouch and there was a knife on the other couch.
(boy, 10)

Honestly I think Briefing 42 is very biased and Fiona Morrison has copied this straight from the worst stories from the ranks of woman’s aid.... Somewhat along these lines. A woman phoned woman’s aid and said she was leaving her husband. She was asked if there was any violence. No “she” said. “it would be easier if you said there was”

The worst bit of this is, it has been edited by Fran Wasoff and Jennifer Flueckiger.

Jimmy Deuchars

Below are some comments from fathers I know.

In my case Jimmy , we have a woman twice arrested for violently assaulting myself ,yet the police (very conveniently for them as they have a duty to arrest the aggressor in DM incidents) could find no trace ,however in court my ex denies this and yet when both HER brother and sister gave evidence they could recall very clearly that this was true.

Further in court my ex has admitted to calling me and threatening to Have Me Done In, and to “slapping me about a bit when I did not do what she wished”. Now I wonder what would happen to a man who admitted these things in court. He definitely would not see his kids again and would have been charged with threatening his partner and assault.

Dm is now recognized to be predominantly caused by females however the doctrine that is widely applied is out of date and out of touch.

Maybe in past generations when men were men and women stayed home with the kids, DM was mostly perpetrated by men ,after all they were the ones who were allowed in pubs and got drunk and out of control ,remember a women would never have entered a pub alone during those times. However the same ancient feminatzi propaganda (read Erin Prizzy) is still being widely spouted to social science students, who of course ,having no or very little real life experience of there own; actually believe that they are being enlightened when they ingest this crap , fact is all they are doing is perpetuating an ancient myth and probably going into profession’s where they will continue to cause very real damage to countless children and families, with there skewed and dangerous view of the world, dangerous idiots. They should try doing their own research.

What they have failed to say , Scottish women are now the most violet per head of population in Europe those statistic were revealed on Sky news last year.

Social workers said because I was a soldier, I was more likely to be violent to my own children
By Antonia HoyleLast updated at 10:16 PM on 04th April 2009

Centre for Research on Families and Relationshipshttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1167536/Social-workers-said-I-soldier-I-likely-violent-children.html

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